This is how we roll:


Step 1: Read

You familiarise yourself with the Comprehensive Neurotherapy at BODY MIND & BRAIN by visiting the relevant pages of this wonderful website.

You still have general questions like everybody? Have a look at the frequently given answers to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.


Step 2: Call

Now that you’re well informed and eager to get started, call us [Mon-Fri   10am-6pm] to make an appointment for the initial consultation.

If we’re busy, you may need to leave a message, so that we can call you back asap. Be brief, but say your name and number C-L-E-A-R-L-Y.


Step 3: Questionnaires

Jessica will send you a bunch of questionnaires by email. Print them and fill them out before the consultation.

Repeat after me three times: “I will bring the filled out questionnaires with me to the appointment.” And remember to bring the questionnaires too!


Step 4: Not Early

For your appointment, show up on time (or five minutes late!), but don’t be early! We don’t have a waiting area with plastic chairs and old magazines.

Park your car next to ours in front of the garage. If you’re too early, stay in your car and play “Angry Birds” on your smartphone.


Step 5: Consultation

Congrats, you’ve reached the initial consultation. Be frank and honest about what your problems are. We will be frank and honest as well.

We reserve the right not to proceed after the consultation: If we think that we’re not a good match for you, we won’t take you on.


Step 6: Assessment

In almost all cases, we’ll start with a 19-channel QEEG/LoRETA recording and a 21-site LENS map in the assessment session.

In preparation, we’ll ask you to shampoo your head in the morning and abstain from using any hair products to guarantee perfect signal quality.


Step 7: Therapy

We’ll then see you for regular therapy sessions during which you’ll be training your brain with our various Neurofeedback systems.

In addition, we’ll check out whether any biochemical factors are standing in your brain’s way to recovery and need attention.


Step 8: Results

With training and improved function, we usually see the symptoms lessen and disappear (This symptom-graph is from a real client). However …

Neurotherapy is not a miracle cure and doesn’t stop global warming. It’s the brain that deserves the praise for Neurotherapy’s amazing results.

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