Who is it for?

“Okay, I get it. Neurotherapy including Neurofeedback Brain Training is for people with Functional Brain Disorders, which are due to abnormal, unbalanced or otherwise unhealthy electrical Brain activity. But what kind of people are suitable for this safe, non-invasive and drug-free Behavioural Therapy?” —

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Physical Therapy for the Body


When your Body is suffering from an acute injury, an organ failure or an infectious disease, you need to see a medical doctor. If it’s more of a niggle, you may consider a Physiotherapist or a Chiro to sort things out for you. Or a Naturopath for Prevention.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for the Mind


When your Mind is troubled, e.g. by a toxic relationship, guilt, shame, grief or life in general, you may want to see a psycho-therapist, a counsellor or a psychologist for talk therapy to improve your coping skills, adopt a different mind-set and to avoid going mental.

Neurofeedback Training for the Brain


When you’re affected by a Functional Brain Disorder that interferes with healthy Joy, Mood, Sleep, Focus, Drive, Movement or any other normal Brain function, your best bet is to go easy on drugs and rather see a Neurotherapist; in other words: Come and see us!

"Who is suitable for Neurotherapy at BODY MIND & BRAIN?"

Pacific Pines Therapy

[1/5] We’re a home-based private practice.

Despite all that Neuroscience going on, BODY MIND & BRAIN is located in a residential home in Pacific Pines/Gold Coast/Queensland and not in a fancy clinic or in a sterile university hospital. Our clients typically respect and appreciate the private and personal ambience in our practice.

Neurofeedback Training is not a medical treatment

[2/5] Neurotherapy is not a medical treatment!

Suitable clients understand that Neurotherapy including Neurofeedback Brain Training is not a passive medical treatment like surgery, radiation or meds, but a Behavioural Therapy. If you still haven’t got it, think of Neurotherapy as like HiTech Physiotherapy for the Brain. — Did that help?

Neurofeedback Training in collaboration

[3/5] We’re in it together.

Those clients, who actively participate in the process and who do follow our advice, usually get better and faster results than those who don’t. Especially uninvolved, yet demanding “customers” who expect and insist that we must “cure” them, will possibly end up disappointed.

Neurofeedback Training for Adults and Teenagers

[4/5] We specialise in Adults and Adolescents.

Whilst Neurofeedback Training often works a treat for children and even infants, we at BODY MIND & BRAIN usually do not accept children under the age of ten. It’s nothing personal; many colleagues specialise in kids, we specialise in adults and teens; somebody has to. 

No Neurofeedback Training for obnoxious people

[5/5] Let’s be reasonable.

For our own sanity, we don’t work with certain Personality Disorders, as well as with • insincere • disrespectful • dishonest • arrogant • pretentious • aggressive  • entitled or • otherwise obnoxious persons. We specialise in nice, sincere and reasonable clients; somebody has to.

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