Who is it for?

“Okay, I get it. Neurotherapy including Neurofeedback Brain Training is for people with Functional Brain Disorders, which are due to abnormal, unbalanced or otherwise unhealthy electrical Brain activity. But what kind of people are suitable for this safe, non-invasive and drug-free Behavioural Therapy?” —

 Okay, let’s start at the very beginning. If it’s too slow for you, you can always scroll on.

Physical Therapy for the Body


When your Body is suffering from an acute injury, an organ failure or an infectious disease, you need to see a medical doctor. If it’s more of a niggle, you may consider a Physiotherapist or a Chiro to sort things out for you. Or a Naturopath for Prevention.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for the Mind


When your Mind is troubled, e.g. by a toxic relationship, guilt, shame, grief or life in general, you may want to see a psycho-therapist, a counsellor or a psychologist for talk therapy to improve your coping skills, adopt a different mind-set and to avoid going mental.

Neurofeedback Training for the Brain


When you’re affected by a Functional Brain Disorder that interferes with healthy Joy, Mood, Sleep, Focus, Drive, Movement or any other normal Brain function, your best bet is to go easy on drugs and rather see a Neurotherapist; in other words: Come and see us!

"Who is suitable for Neurotherapy at BODY MIND & BRAIN?"

Neurofeedback Training in a home-based practice

[1/5] We’re a home-based private practice.

Despite all that Neuroscience going on, BODY MIND & BRAIN is located in a residential home in Robina/Gold Coast/Queensland and not in a fancy clinic or in a sterile university hospital. Our clients typically respect and appreciate the private and personal ambience in our practice.

Neurofeedback Training is not a medical treatment

[2/5] Neurotherapy is not a medical treatment!

Suitable clients understand that Neurotherapy including Neurofeedback Brain Training is not a passive medical treatment like surgery, radiation or meds, but a Behavioural Therapy. If you still haven’t got it, think of Neurotherapy as like HiTech Physiotherapy for the Brain. — Did that help?

Neurofeedback Training in collaboration

[3/5] We’re in it together.

Those clients, who actively participate in the process and who do follow our advice, usually get better and faster results than those who don’t. Especially uninvolved, yet demanding “customers” who expect and insist that we must “cure” them, will possibly end up disappointed.

Neurofeedback Training for Adults and Teenagers

[4/5] Adults and Teenagers only.

Whilst Neurofeedback Training often works a treat for children and even infants, we at BODY MIND & BRAIN usually do not accept children under the age of ten. It’s nothing personal; many colleagues specialise in kids, we specialise in adults and teens; somebody has to. 

No Neurofeedback Training for obnoxious people

[5/5] Let’s be reasonable.

For our own sanity, we don’t work with certain Personality Disorders, as well as with • insincere • disrespectful • dishonest • arrogant • pretentious • aggressive  • entitled or • otherwise obnoxious persons. We specialise in nice, sincere and reasonable clients; somebody has to.

"Can you share some real case reports?"

Not everybody is comfortable sharing online that they had been affected by a Functional Brain Disorder like Anxiety, Suicidal Depression, Bipolar or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

And still, many of our clients want to inform others about Neurotherapy at BODY MIND & BRAIN on Facebook, Google and even in very personal testimonial videos. See for yourself:

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 1

[1] Amber

This 17 year-old beauty had been suffering three crippling Migraine attacks per week. Plenty of meds, Acupuncture, Naturopath, Physio and Chinese herbs hadn't helped. After seven months of Neurotherapy with us, she is Migraine-free and named her first car "Martin".

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 2

[2] Michael

With symptoms of Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia, Michael was diagnosed with Complex PTSD. Psychiatrists and Psychologists didn't make much of a difference. Yet Neurotherapy did and you can find his powerful 60sec testimonial video here on Facebook and YouTube.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 3

[3] Hazel

... was sent to us by her GP, but was highly skeptical because she had tried absolutely everything to end her 40-year history of Chronic Migraine and constant Headache. Yet, she persisted and succeeded with us. Her testimonial video on Facebook and YouTube says it all.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 4

[4] Jen

After 20 years of suffering Migraine, IBS, Anxiety and Depression, Jen was at her wit's end and finally came to see us at BODY MIND & BRAIN. In only four months of Neurotherapy her symptoms went down by 86%. You can find her 99sec-testimonial on Facebook and YouTube.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 5

[5] James

... was sent to us by his Psychiatrist because the generously prescribed medication didn’t do much for his Chronic Headaches, Depression, Irritability, Neck Pain and Insomnia. James is now symptom-free and off all drugs. In his words: “I haven’t felt this good for years.”

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 6

[6] Ramona

... found us on the web after trying everything else, including meds, to combat the Anxiety and Depression taking over her life. In less than three months of Neurotherapy with us, her symptom scores went down by 80%. Her Google review of BODY MIND & BRAIN says it all.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 7

[7] Paul B.

... was not a happy chap when he contacted us. Seven years of Chronic Cluster Headaches (up to three attacks per day!) left him very bitter, doubtful and angry. He's been free of Clusters for more than five years now and thriving. I've been meaning to make a video of him for some time.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 8

[8] Natsumi

After her older sister had amazing success with us, this ray of sunshine came to see us for her crippling Anxiety, Depression and Mental Fog. Like her sister, she made rapid progress, dissipating her symptoms by 80% in only 16 sessions of Neurotherapy at BODY MIND & BRAIN.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 9

[9] Drew

... presented with Headaches, Depression, Back Pain and Anger. His GP had put him on various drugs and despite Physio, Chiro and Acupuncture he wasn't getting anywhere. Five weeks into Neurotherapy, his symptoms were already down by 70%; he quit all drugs including cigarettes.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 10

[10] Samantha

After her last pregnancy five years ago, Sam started having frequent Migraine attacks with violent vomiting, lasting up to four days. GP, Chiro, Physio, Acupuncture, meds and massage didn't stop the Migraine Cycle. She was attack-free after only nine sessions with us.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 11

[11] Paul D.

Twelve concussions over the years left this old American fella with Chronic Daily Headaches, Memory and Sleep problems as well as Chronic Back and Neck Pain. According to his testimonial video, only ten sessions of Neurotherapy with us had a decisive impact. You can watch it here.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 12

[12] Elisha

Her Headache and Migraine ordeal started at the age of nine, accompanied by Anxiety, IBS, Vertigo etc. Being a nurse, she had tried every medical profession and treatment in the book — including Botox® — to no avail. She is now pretty much symptom-free and a very busy Mum of two.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 13

[13] Peta

... had really tried everything including Griffith University Migraine Research Centre to combat her Chronic Migraine, IBS, Anxiety, Fatigue etc. After just 19 Neurotherapy sessions, her symptom-scores went down by 80%. Her unedited testimonial video can be found on YouTube.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 14

[14] Mariette

... was given our book THE MIGRAINE REVOLUTION by her pharmacist. She read it in one go and came to see us for frequent Migraine attacks, Insomnia and Tinnitus.Six weeks later, she was free of Migraine, free of Tinnitus and slept well. Have a look at her stunning video here.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 15

[15] Malinda

... had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Fibromyalgia. Despite three (!) different Antidepressants plus Lyrica® for pain, Malinda was highly suicidal before she asked us for help. There is little I can add to her story which she told in her Google review of BODY MIND & BRAIN.

Neurofeedback Training Testimonial Client 16

[16] Michelle

... used to take pain killers for her frequent Headaches, but during pregnancy, meds were off the table. After little Eva was born, Michelle sent us this photo and a note: "I wanted to give you a big thank you for getting rid of my headaches and Panadol®-popping during my pregnancy!" Sweet.

Despite all these inspiring success stories, let me reiterate that Neurotherapy is not a miracle cure. In some rare cases, even training the Brain can’t help anymore. One elderly gentleman came to see us for his constant high-intensity Headaches after relying on meds for years, including Opioid pain killers. We tried everything, including passive Neuromodulation, to no effect and he decided to end it. Sometimes it’s simply too late, the damage is done.

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