Neurofeedback Q&A: "Are you trying to mess with my Brain?"

"Are you trying to mess with my Brain?"

A cuppa in the morning

Most people start their day with a nice cup of coffee or tea “to wake up”. The caffeine in our morning cuppa is a psychoactive substance that stimulates brain activity. Technically, it’s “messing” with the brain — in a good way!

A glass in the evening

After a day at work, many people start winding down with a beer or a glass of wine. The alcohol increases the production of Alpha brain activity which we find relaxing. In other words, “messing” with the brain can be quite enjoyable.

A joint venture

Medical and/or recreational Marijuana works in a similar manner by helping to reduce excessive high-frequency brain activity. That’s why there are discussions to legalise it for “messing” with the brain of patients with Chronic Pain.

A fag or a sweetie

Needless to say, but smoking cigarettes also “messes” with brains; and so do Tim Tams or any other foods with sugar. “Messing” with our brains by swallowing a substance is considered a normal and socially accepted behaviour.

Drugs on prescription

Therefore, many people are not opposed to adding psychotropic medication to the “messing” mix: Calming drugs for Anxiety, SSRI’s for Depression, Stimulants for rowdy kids and Antipsychotics for everything difficult — many of these meds even keep “messing” with the brain long after they’ve been discontinued.

Messing like a pro

Sometimes it is quite helpful to have a professional Neurotherapist “mess” with one’s brain. Like in this case of a young man with Negative Schizophrenia (“Deficit Syndrome”).

Once you know that green means normal and red means abnormal, then you don’t need to be a Neuroscientist to understand these Brain maps, recorded before and after Neurotherapy at BODY MIND & BRAIN.

After eleven months of mostly active Neuromodulation in the form of Neurofeedback Brain Training, this client came off all his medication and started working again. Amazing case.

The message is: When Brains are a little messed up, it’s a good idea to find a Neurotherapist who can help clean up the mess. Otherwise you might regret the messed opportunity of “messing” with your Brain—in a good way!