Neurofeedback Q&A: "Does Neurotherapy help with Mental Illness?"

"Does Neurotherapy help with Mental Illness?"

And the Oscar goes to …

One of the many great achievements of the pharma-medical industry is the perpetuation of the concept of “mental illness”, a label which suggests a sickness of the Mind, implying feeble thoughts, ill beliefs, diseased values and defective habits.

Mind Disease

It alleges that “mental health issues” are similar or equivalent to infectious diseases or degenerative disorders of the Body. For example, on the website of the Department of Health of the Australian Government under ‘What is mental illness?’ it says:

“Mental illness is a general term that refers to a group of illnesses, in the same way that heart disease refers to a group of illnesses and disorders affecting the heart.”

Seemingly Reasonable

Most would agree that it is reasonable to seek medical treatment for heart problems and therefore — by association — most people assume that it is reasonable to seek “medical treatment” for “mental illness” when they’re depressed, anxious, sleepless, bipolar or otherwise unwell or “sick in the head”.

A Cure for Mental Illness?

It goes without saying that “medical treatment” effectively means prescription drugs and most people accept that willingly without questioning.

Sure, nobody believes that Antidepressants “cure” Depression by any known mechanism, but — according to the pharma-medical industry — they are an “effective treatment” for Depression. You need to take them forever. Because they’re so “effective”! You get it?

Also, nobody claims that Anti-Anxiety drugs “cure” Anxiety Disorders. Therefore you need to take them forever. Because they’re so “effective”!

The same goes for sleeping pills. The don’t “cure” Insomnia, but because they’re such an “effective treatment”, you can’t sleep without them anymore. That’s how “effective” they are.

More “effective treatments”

Whenever patients with “mental illness” are unhappy with their “effective treatment” they simply get another prescription for a different “effective” medication which also cannot “cure” their respective “mental illness”.

“Mental” or “medical” – Which one is it?

If Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD and so on are “mental illnesses” as is widely claimed, why are sufferers instructed “to see their medical doctor” instead of seeking advice from a “mental health professional” like a Psychologist, Psychotherapist or Mental Health Counsellor? Why do they recommend “medical treatments” for “mental disorders”? This does my head in!

Functional Brain Disorders

Nobody in his right Mind will dispute that all our experiences, behaviours and abilities arise from the electrical activity in our Brains.

When the Brain’s hubs, nodes and networks are out of whack — for whatever reason — the electrical communication in our noggin is affected and so are our experiences, behaviours and abilities.

True Madness

Labelling sufferers of Functional Brain Disorders as “mentally ill” is stigmatising, denigrating, disempowering and outright nasty. This type of manipulation of the public reveals true mental illnesses: Arrogance, Greed, Selfishness, Ignorance …

There are Limits to Everything

Neurotherapy can only help with Functional Brain Disorders. So, if you truly have a sick Mind and are • insincere • disrespectful • dishonest • arrogant • pretentious • aggressive • entitled • antisocial or • otherwise obnoxious, then you better stay the hell away from us.