It happens all the time: People google “abdominal surgery queensland” or “ebola treatment gold coast” and then find our website at the top of the search results. On average, once or twice per week, someone calls to schedule an appointment for a hip replacement at BODY MIND & BRAIN or has questions about our water birth facilities. Happens all the time.

In my opinion, it is a good idea to see a medical doctor when you notice the first symptoms of  Pneumonia or Typhoid Fever; and you want to call an ambulance when your lungs are ProstateExamdeflated after a bad car crash or when you’ve just cut your thumb off with a chainsaw.

Admittedly, BODY MIND & BRAIN sounds deceptively similar to “Gold Coast Hospital” and a “Neurotherapy Practice” can easily be mistaken for a “Medical Centre”. However, we neither vaccinate children nor do we perform prostate exams; and we’ve decided against offering elective surgery.

I’m a big believer in finding the right person for the job: You need a waterway engineer to look after the Panama Canal, but you would want a dentist’s help for problems with a root canal. Also, electricians customise power cords, whereas neurosurgeons deal with spinal cords.

If your child has the measles, you don’t take it to a pederast, podiatrist or a pedestrian, but to a paediatric doctor; and when your stricken with grief, you seek the help of a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist, but stay away from a psychic psychopath.

People don’t call an exterminator for computer bugs. And so they should also be sceptical of pharmaceutical Medicine when they’re troubled by a Functional Brain Disorder. Instead they would want to consult with a qualified brain professional—for example with a Neurotherapist.

LENSsession480Neurotherapists are the ones helping clients with Functional Brain Disorders like Anxiety, Depression, Migraine, PTSD… . Neurotherapy should not be your first choice
• when mood is temporarily low during funerals
• when anxiety only crops up during home invasions
• when headaches are caused by a fresh open skull fracture
• when panic attacks occur simultaneously with shark attacks
• when bipolar means North and South pole to you.

Neurotherapy is also recommended to enhance cognitive function, for example—but not exclusively—when age-related cognitive decline starts to set in. It’s always goo to keep the mind sharp and not rely on pencil sharpeners for that.

Don’t worry, there are no medical doctors at BODY MIND & BRAIN. Martin is a Board Certified Neurotherapist, Board-Certified in QEEG-Analysis, additionally trained in Integrated Solution-Focussed Psychotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation, with 30 years of experience as a therapist. Unless you need your appendix out, you’ll be in safe hands.

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